Full Moon Energy

The energy of the full moon is a complex and interesting topic, involving many aspects of influence and manifestation. The following is a summary and explanation of the energy of the full moon: 1. The meaning of full moon energy The energy of the full moon is often associated with the waxing and waning of […]

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Sound Therapy

Sound therapy, or music therapy, is a unique therapy that uses music to promote physical and mental health. The following will provide a detailed explanation of the definition, principles, application scenarios, and its role and advantages in music therapy, hearing protection, etc., and provide practical cases to help understanding. 1. Definition and principles of sound

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Basic concepts of chakras:Chakra, derived from ancient Indian Sanskrit, means “wheel of energy” or “energy center”. These energy centers are located along the central axis of the body and are arranged from bottom to top. In the modern widely accepted chakra system, there are usually seven main chakras. Seven main chakras:Muladhara Chakra: Located at the

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Cosmic Energy

Cosmic energy is a broad and complex concept, which can be simply understood as the energy existing in the universe. It is one of the basic components of nature, closely connected with our lives, and is also one of the important issues for human exploration of the universe. Here are some detailed explanations of cosmic

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Crystal Energy

Crystal is a natural mineral that is believed to have certain energy properties. The concept of crystal energy mainly stems from people’s observation and interpretation of the characteristics and functions of crystals. First of all, crystal crystals have properties such as resonance, amplification, conduction, storage and emission of energy. These properties allow crystals to interact

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